Dr. Dae’s Keys to Intimate Connections

A healthy relationship fosters intimacy and great sex. Likewise, a healthy sexual relationship can cultivate and reinforce everyday fun, connection and intimacy. Make it a Priority! Take time for your relationship. Make a date. Yes, schedule sex! Make sexual intimacy … Continue reading

It’s Time to Reshape Our Beauty Standards

A big thanks to the very talented St. Petersburg Times staff writer (and former student of mine), Arleen Spenceley  http://www.tampabay.com/writers/arleen-spenceley for truly “getting it” and challenging the messages that the media imposes on us all.  She created a fantastic article featuring … Continue reading

Raising Girls… Oh Boy!

Many of you have heard me tell the story of finding my love for sex therapy while developing other passions early on in my career. While working as a therapist with pre-adolescent and adolescent girls in juvenile justice facilities, psychiatric … Continue reading

GPS: Great Parental Sex

GPS: Great Parental Sex. Finding YOUR way to the Intersection of Mommyhood and Sexytown. What keeps us from getting there? Are we truly lost, or just falling asleep at the wheel? Too many Moms suffer in sexual silence! Are you … Continue reading