Dr. Dae’s Keys to Intimate Connections

A healthy relationship fosters intimacy and great sex. Likewise, a healthy sexual relationship can cultivate and reinforce everyday fun, connection and intimacy.

Make it a Priority!

Take time for your relationship. Make a date. Yes, schedule sex!
Make sexual intimacy a priority in your relationship. Get out that calendar and make the conscious commitment to create time for physical intimacy. If sex is not regularly planned, the daily routine of life will take over and suck the fun right out of your relationship. Today is the day to put ”DOING IT” on your “To-Do” list.


Unresolved anger? Resentment? Disconnect? Talk, talk, talk.
Is your relationship meeting your needs? How about your partner’s? Relationships are about negotiation and compromise. No one benefits from the silent stewing over old resentments. Sweep out the emotional cobwebs of the past that keep you from enjoying your mate in the present. Communicate your wants and desires, both emotionally and physically. Don’t be shy, give directions! You’ll both be happy you did.

Don’t Worry About What “They” are Doing!

Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Sex should be an enjoyable experience even if every word and move is not straight out of a romance novel or romantic comedy. Remember that no one is perfect. Don’t worry about doing it “right”. Our bodies will make funny noises, a new position may fail miserably and there will always be awkward moments. Don’t take sex too seriously. It’s ok to be silly. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Educate Yourselves and Try Something New!

Most of all, learn more about what is right for you and your partner. Seek out resources about healthy sexual functioning and recognize the joy and pleasure that healthy sexual intimacy brings to a relationship. Give yourself permission to explore your desires and fantasies and then indulge in them! Have a mid-day quickie, try a new position, use books, videos, toys and unexpected flirtations like sexy texts or emails to create anticipation and excitement.

Take the time to find new ways to make sex fun, exciting and mutually satisfying for both of you, because like I always say… a roll in the hay keeps THIS doctor away!

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