Your Brain is Tired of the Same Old Date Night!

Sure, you care about your partner… but when is the last time you felt really connected?  Often in my practice, I see couples who truly love one another, yet struggle with a sense of distance between them.  In this case, a key homework assignment is to plan a Date Night. 

Not so fast!  I’m not talking about any old date night.  Our over-scheduled minds generally plug in the familiar, the usual.  So, off to the standard movie date we go, where we ignore one another for an hour and a half and then spend “quality time” debating special effects or the minute details of someone else’s life.  

How do we re-charge our senses, re-energize our connection and find ways to maximize that precious time together?   By taking a cue from neuroscientists to devise a more daring date night!

Research shows that doing something novel, exhilarating and interesting (to both you and your partner) triggers the same brain chemicals that were released when you were newly in love.  Adrenaline-increasing activities are also known to chemically bond us to one another.  What this tells us, is that doing something NEW and exciting truly can re-kindle that OLD flame!

Next time you are planning a date,  don’t be afraid to step outside of your usual routine. Take a cooking, art or dance class, go for a hike or a paddle, or savor some exotic cuisine.  You don’t have to spend a fortune or swim with sharks to stir up this delightful connection cocktail.  Just get out there and enjoy something out of the ordinary, TOGETHER!

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