The Sex Rx for Reducing Holiday Stress

I am all too aware as I walked around Home Depot recently that the holiday season is upon us! This is a time of joy and togetherness, a time where memories are made and moments are captured. Um, ok. That, and it is an activity-laden, stress-inducing time of frenzied shopping, planning, cooking, cleaning, decorating, entertaining, picture taking, gift buying and light hanging. Whew!

Why does all of this stuff stress us out so much when it’s supposed to be fun? We can get so caught up and caught off-guard when we maintain an idyllic view of what the holidays “should“ be. Remain mindful of ways that you put pressure on yourself and others to make the holidays “just right”. Your time with family and friends doesn’t have to be just right, it just has to be right for YOU.

Resist the urge to recreate some Norman Rockwell painting. If you think things have to be picture-perfect, you are going to inevitably create stress. Strive instead to make meaningful connections, and to focus on the strengths in yourself as well as those around you.

So how do we go about that while still managing the hustle and bustle of the holidays? You can be very efficient with your time by multitasking. How do you calm down after a hectic day of running around and connect with your partner at the same time? Sex!

Having sex releases feel-good hormones that are instant stress reducers. It lowers blood pressure and builds your immune system. Physical touch creates intimacy, a feeling of calm and comfort and most of all, it can help you sleep better! These are things we all need when we are feeling overscheduled and underappreciated.

So, before you carve that turkey, carve out some time for intimacy. Starting today, put “Doing It” on your holiday To-Do list! Before the big get-together, after a day of shopping, or anytime you feel yourself teetering towards the eggnog edge, take that time for yourselves to re-charge and re-connect. I, for one, think the mistletoe people were really on to something. Cheers to the beginning of a very happy holiday season!

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