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So, Dr. Dae, would you consider decreased intimacy as a symptom and not a cause of strained relationships?



My practice is unique in a way you may not find in other therapy offices.  I pride myself in running a boutique practice with a select group of clients who are ready to do the work necessary to create the life they have always wanted.

You will not be rushed out at the 50 minute mark, you will not be charged for phone calls, e-mails or texts.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and have a strong sense that there is a reason you have found me.  I am always humbled when someone trusts in me to join them on their journey. I take that investment very seriously and I am diligent about creating returns on that investment that are life changing.

After our initial session, you will walk out with a goal, a sense of movement forward and a plan for personal growth and development.  You will be treated with care, compassion, true positive regard, hope, enthusiasm, humor and research based treatment modalities.  You will not be on the couch for the next several years.  The intuition based cognitive behavioral therapy that I provide is impactful, empowering and usually brief.

Take the first step in making yourself and your well-being a priority in YOUR life.  I can’t wait to meet you!


Et tu, Beyonce’?

Monday night, at 7:55pm, while my kids were walking in and out of the family room pretending to brush their teeth, they begged to watch a little bit of the Grammy’s before bed. I agreed with trepidation, knowing that some of the performances can be a game of appropriateness roulette. Well, before I could even make up my mind, right out of the gate, there was Beyonce’. Wet, half-naked Beyonce’ in her fetishized leather-strap, thong bodysuit from the 50 Shades of Grey collection.

She opened with what is commonly known in the Gentlemen’s Club circuit (or for Jennifer Beals fans) as a “Chair Dance”.

She had it all… writhing, spread eagle on the old-timey chair,  crawling sexily down to the floor, back up to her knees, all while seductively singing lyrics about domestic abuse and violence towards women. And, if that weren’t profane enough, she also dropped some expletives that needed to be bleeped out.

Those first 10 seconds felt like an eternity. Stunned… I started blinking and sweating, looking quickly at the kids and then to my husband who met my darting glances with his shrugged “what do we do?!?” shoulders and own deer-in-the-headlights gaze.

I could have easily coughed loudly and changed the channel; however there was no denying that we ALL saw it and I felt this was a real media literacy moment where we could discuss what was going on. Our conversation started with the deep, philosophical question we have pondered one too many times before…“Where are Beyonce’s pants?”. It made me wonder if someone had already snagged the parody Twitter handle @BeyoncesMissingPants… like @AngiesRightLeg or @PharrellsHat.

As both kids had their noses scrunched up in that little kid “this is weird and gross” expression, we talked about how they felt and what they saw. We all agreed that it was not content one would expect on ABC at 8:00. And then, as quickly as it happened, the TV was off and they were over it. They shuffled off to bed talking about Minecraft and other much more important things.

I thought more about it, because I wasn’t over it. Beyond the gratuitous self-objectification and sexualization, which my colleagues and I have blogged about before, the performance itself was theatrically lame. It was the same stale, predictable, tired, old regurgitation of the video-vixen formula. Sweaty, half-naked woman slinking around and touching herself for her fully clothed man.  Subjugation of female power for the desperate approval of the male gaze. Yawn. But wait! She did go the extra mile with the strobe lights and fog machine. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It begged the question; why is Beyonce touted as “empowered” and a “trailblazer” when just six short months earlier we were throwing rotten tomatoes at Miley Cyrus for essentially doing the same thing?  I know there were distinct differences between Miley’s VMA performance and Beyonce’s Grammy grind, but if you ask me, they were a hell of a lot more alike than they were different. The only thing missing was the foam finger. Oh, and the marriage vows.

Anyway, I awoke both yesterday and today expecting my Facebook feed to be awash with criticisms of Beyonce’s performance. There were three levels of outrage I thought I would be met with:

• Parents ranting about appropriate TV “Family Hour”
• Girl-power and feminist activists calling Beyonce out on her hypocrisy
• Anyone who was looking to actually be entertained by an innovative performance by a talented artist

But I got crickets

I kept searching, thinking SOMEONE out there saw what I saw. Yes, there were definitely some indignant Tweets by parents, but most media outlets seemed to LOVE it!

Mashable called it a “flawless performance”.

US Magazine called it “a super-sexy and intimate performance”. (Call me a stickler for vocab and couples-counseling lingo, but shaking your money-maker for your hubby in front of 28.5 million viewers is anything but “intimate”).

Forbes called it “synergy on display” and talked about the genius of the couples’ branding.

The Daily Beast touted that Beyonce “gave the best Grammy performance” that was “ the sexiest thing that had ever been on television”.

The New York Daily News said she “got the party started with a spectacular performance”.

Yes, the same media outlets that tore Miley Cyrus limb from limb, giving us these journalistic nuggets about her “twerking” :

“Childhood ruining”. ~Mashable
“Raunchy”. ~US Magazine
“She salaciously rubbed her rear end repeatedly on national television”. ~Forbes
“Ridiculous” and “Scandalous”. ~The Daily Beast
“Grinding her crotch like a sex worker who’s seen happier times”. ~New York Daily News

Interesting and strange double standard, no? One gets a hefty stamp of approval and the other gets ridiculed and slut-shamed.  Many fascinating debates about Beyonce’ as a “modern-day feminist” are just a click away, but why does she get a sweeping pass where other stars are called out for their duplicity?

I was confounded that everyone was eating this performance up with a spoon and lauding it as something empowered and inspired. Most of all, I was bothered that someone who has considerable talent chose the path of least resistance, one of the lowest common denominator.

When we applaud this tedious, repackaged drivel over and over as entertainment (or even worse, as appropriation of female empowerment) we are going to get what we deserve… more of the same. Let’s not get desensitized to what we are being fed by the media. Let’s not mindlessly accept their terms and definitions of what is SEXY.

Bey, when girls truly Run the World, they’ll do much better than this. Many would say that the most empowering thing you can do to subvert the oppression of over-sexualized, patriarchal media is to encourage, validate and “take back” women’s sexuality. I, for one vehemently agree with this stance and look for examples of it, daily.  The problem is, all too often, I find myself having to make excuses, cock my head and squint to find them.

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  • I can say without reserve that Dr. Dae is unique and wonderful at what she does. I have experienced other therapists before and hands down no one gets through to me like she does. As a man I have found it difficult to deal with certain emotions and anger and I can truly say I’ve never felt more comfortable with someone in dealing with such uncomfortable things.

    Indv. Therapy Client
  • Dr. Sheridan is extremely professional and very compassionate about helping me through some of my personal matters. While I was deployed to Afghanistan she was immediately available to assist me by any means possible. By my limitations we worked via email, which actually worked quite well for me. She has used some techniques with me that have helped me through some rough times. Some from the past, and a couple from the present.

    Indv. Therapy Client
  • Dr Dae and I have been working together for awhile and I have learned a lot about myself through our sessions. Her remarkable combination of empathy, insight, enthusiasm and caring has helped me come up with ways to handle any issues that arise. I am a better man, leader, person and father because of her.  I would, and have, recommended Dr. Dae to many peers, coworkers and family members.

    Indv. Therapy Client
  • I have personally known and worked alongside Dr.Sheridan for over ten years. I initally met her in a clinical setting treating behaviorally unwell adolescent females.  I was impressed by her attentiveness and empathy directed to her patients. She was able to quickly earn their trust and found creative, out of the box interventions to help these girls better cope with the stresses of their young lifes. Dr. Sheridan has blossomed into an innovative therapist and consultant. I  have personally made multiple referrals to her over the years. She is responsive, compassionate and ethical in the treatment of those she serves.

    Rahul N. Mehra, M.D.
    Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Wow!  Way to teach a class!!!

    Graduate Student
    University of South Florida
  • Thank you!!! You’ ve given me lots of things that I have said “Ah ha!” to….

  • Dr. Dae had the ability to cut through all of the negative crap I had been telling myself for 20 years. She believed in me and taught me that I deserved to believe in myself. I am forever changed.

    Female Indv. Therapy Client
  • Had an amazing time last night, it was so much fun and informative! Thank you so much for talking so openly with us women, you truly are an amazing person.  We have already started to empower our little girls in our house by calling the body parts by their proper names. Thanks again for offering this opportunity to so many women last night!! Can’t wait for the next one so I can bring more friends!!!

    Workshop Attendee
  • I have transformed from a clueless mom in this area to a safe harbor for open, loving discussions.

    Graduate Student
    On sexuality education at home
  • It was hard enough to admit that I was having sexual issues, but when I contacted Dr. Sheridan, she made me feel comfortable to talk about what was going on in my marriage. I was able to speak freely and honestly while I learned skills to improve my relationships.

    Indv. Therapy Client
  • You truly are an inspiration and in a society where it is hard to find icons in the public eye that are worth looking up to, you really set the bar and I am happy to try and reach it. Great work Dr. Dae!

    Facebook Page Follower
  • Had a great time at “Mommy’s Time Out”. Dr. Dae was awesome! I have wanted to meet her for a while and she did not disappoint! She educated a room full of moms about sex and marriage. Not always an easy task! Thanks Dr. Dae, Limelight Marketing Consultants, Inc., and The Rack in Brandon for a great evening!

    Rosemary Nickel
    Founder, Motivating Other Moms
  • This may have been the best class I have taken so far!  Her humor made the subject comfortable and her work experience brought a lot of insight to the class.  I couldn’t say enough amazing things about her as a professor!!

    Graduate Student
    University of South Florida
  • Dr. Sheridan is a wonderful community resource. As a therapist myself, sometimes there are issues that come up that are outside of my scope of practice and I am confident making referrals to Dr. Sheridan regarding intimate and sexual issues. She is skilled in treating men, women and couples. It is a pleasure to work alongside a professional who shows such compassion for her work.

    Jenny A. Mannion
  • You were OUTSTANDING at the Valentine Vixen Workshop! WOW!!! What a confident, powerful and kind hearted woman you are. Thank you for sharing your expertise with a FABULOUS group of 50 women!!! What a turnout!

    Briana Michel
    Founder, Vixens Against Violence
  • Going to see Dr. Dae is like getting a mental massage. She finds my self-induced toxins and works ‘em out. Thanks to her, I’m looser, healthier, more flexible and more free from my uptight, knotted-up former self. I have to drink my water and do my stretches, figuratively speaking, by adopting new mental habits that she teaches me. Some I’m successful at, but with others I still seek her guidance. My professional and personal life is SO much better. Thank you, Dr. Dae!

    Indv. Therapy Client
  • We had tried several other therapists in the past to work out some relationship “stuff” that was causing major problems in our marriage. In TWO sessions, Dr. Dae cut to the chase and was able to help us pinpoint the feelings we were both having and not talking about. With her encouragement and guidance we got back on the right path and we’ve been there ever since!

    Marriage and Sex Therapy Clients
  • FANTASTIC presentation last night! Thanks for making a difficult topic fun, informative and REAL.

    Workshop Attendee