Helping Professionals Network

I have often found myself searching for referrals to psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, physicians, etc.  for both my clients and my own family and friends that look to me as a trusted resource.  Even when asking my own colleagues for recommendations, I realize that we all seem to swim in the same circles.

Beyond my own small network, I had convinced myself that there was a dearth of quality, like-minded professionals in our community.    After hearing me complain about this one too many times, my business partner and friend, Liane Caruso suggested that THEY’RE OUT THERE, I just haven’t met them yet!  And perhaps, neither have you.  The desire to change that led to the development of an exciting new venture that fills a niche in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Helping Professionals Network is  Tampa Bay’s premiere networking group for those in the healing arts and helping professions. Our mission is simple, but necessary and impactful for the health and well-being of your clients, your business and yourself as a helping professional.

At Helping Professionals Network (HPN), we create networking opportunities so you can create solid connections with like-minded professionals who can serve as referral sources, collaborative partners, mentors, sounding boards and a support system. We help you to expand your circles and foster relationships that matter. 

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